About Us

We are a European based (Located in Germany) E-Commerce urban footwear platform, selling low cost, high quality, and unique footwear worldwide. We offer a wide assortment of dope Footwear products from more than 10 different brands hence striving for style awareness and uniqueness, self-value and identity through our footwear products

Corporate Belief

To us Footwear is a culture and therefore, embracing diversity is critical to growing our business, building a world-class brand and understanding while providing value to our clients. Long story short, we support footwear fashion that is sold and consumed in a responsible manner.

Gender Equality & Values

Despite having men and women footwear, we also offer a variety of unisex kicks, thus supporting equality and providing self-awareness and value through our products.

Understanding our customers

Transparency is the key and openness a Virtue. That is why we encourage our clients to always get in touch with us directly if they need footwear fashion advice, have any queries regarding our service or products, need to highlight on what we can improve as a brand. Therefore, knowing you is a key to greater success as a footwear culture.

Get in touch with us through

Mail_1: info@wickedkicks.de

Mail_2: sales@wickedkicks.de