Refund Policy


Any of our customers who shops at Wicked, have the right to 30 days return policy considering that the purchased item was/is delivered with some defects, the customer is not satisfied with his/her purchase, the purchased product delivered is not of intended size.


Orders not Received.

If you do not receive your package and we can verify from our systems that a non-delivery certification was issued by the used shipping agent or local post office. But if the system indicates that your Order was delivered then Wicked Kicks will not issue any refunds

Order Delays

  • Our Standard Free shipping times (Excluding Express Shipping) are 2-7 days due to quality control of our products prior shipping and uncontrolled circumstances brought / caused by COVID19 pandemic worldwide.
  • If a product is delayed for more that 30 days from the date of purchase, a customer has the right to ask for her/his refund back provided that the given Tracking number will not indicate “Item has been delivered”.
  • If an Order is lacking Tracking information, a customer has the right to cancel that order and ask for his/her Refund. Tracking Numbers are provided to clients three days after the order has been processed. But if a customer provides Incorrect/insufficient address details that cause his/her shipment to get delayed, Wicked Kicks will not provide any refunds.

Damaged Products

  • Wicked Kicks will offer a full refund or replacement if a shipped product has industrial defects or badly damaged during shipping.
  • Wicked Kicks offers a partial refund or a replacement if packages arrived partially damaged (
  • For fragile products, a refund is highly recommended.

 Incorrect or Missing Products.

Wicked Kicks has a strict quality control process before products are dispatched. Wicked Kicks will deal with incorrect or missing products as follows:

  • For incorrect products, we offer a full refund or replacement.
  • For products with wrong color, size and don’t meet the provided functionalities mentioned under the product description we offer a refund or resend if you provide proof such as pictures or video
  • For parts missing or any kind of disfunction we may refund partially or replace the product if proof can be provided such as pictures or Video
Orders Cancellation.

For orders cancellation, Wicked Kicks offers a full refund before products have been processed by warehouses hence shipped.


Please contact us directly via mail or WhatsApp with detailed information regarding your query. In cases of damaged products, please attach clear pictures or Video and our customer service agent will get back to you with details on how to proceed with your return as well as provide you with a Return Free coupon.

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When will I receive my refund?

As soon as your returned items have been received by us, the amount for those items will be automatically refunded.

The time it takes for a refund to be issued depends on the payment method but will be processed within 14 days after our logistics provider received your return.

What you can expect according to payment method: 

Payment by invoice: You only pay for the items that you decide to keep. When you make a return, the open invoice amount will be reduced accordingly. Have you already paid? Then we will credit the amount of the returned items to your bank account.

Pre-payment: You will be credited to the bank account from which you made the payment.

Direct debit (SEPA Lastschrift): You will be credited to the bank account from which you made the payment.

Credit card: A credit note will be applied to the credit card account charged by us. Your refund will appear in your next credit card statement. The refund could appear on your account around the time of purchase or the time of refund.

PayPal: The refund amount will be credited to the PayPal account used by you. You can yourself decide on PayPal whether the amount remains in your PayPal account or is credited back to your bank account.

Gift card: If you return goods that have been purchased with a gift card the credit will be added to your customer account and you will be able to use it on future orders. Gift card credit cannot be exchanged for cash.